the evangelist and the post office

last week.. went to Manila to buy fabrics and other stuff i need for my store. on my way back to immigration the jeep happened to pass by th...

last week.. went to Manila to buy fabrics and other stuff i need for my store.
on my way back to immigration the jeep happened to pass by the post office ─ Manila post office.
throwback: when dad was working abroad... mom would carry us
and bring us to the post office to get my dad's letters or send him hers.
so when the jeep made his turn, i decided to stop by for a minute and take a look at it once again.
i remember the time when brother and I used to play in front of the P O S T O F F I C E.
we would sit on the steps of the stairs and do what kids do.
brother and I grew close together. i can even call us ─ best friends.
what i love about him is... he's a real guy.
real, in a sense, that you can talk to him about anything without faking himself about his opinion and whatnot..
he loves to draw people closer to God without scaring them.
without making you feel that you are not good enough.

looking at the post office and thinking of my brother made me remember
about a story of how an evangelist invited a young boy to attend a crusade but refused the invitation.

it was about a famous evangelist who was in town to hold an evangelistic crusade.
On the way to the stadium where the crusade was being held,
the evangelist wanted to stop at the post office and mail a letter.
But he got hopelessly lost and finally decided to ask someone for directions.
He noticed a little boy walking on the sidewalk, so he pulled over and said,
"Excuse me son, but can you tell me where the post office is?"

The little boy said, "Sure. Turn around and go back down the street to the first light,
turn left and it's a block or two on your right."

"Thank you very much, young man," said the evangelist.
"By the way," he added, handling a boy an announcement for the crusade,
"I'd like to invite you to come to a meeting later today where i'll tell you
how you can find Jesus Christ as your personal savior."
"Fat chance," said the little boy. "You can't even find the post office."

Fortunately for us, we don't have to find Jesus. Jesus finds us.
there will be just some other ppl who would help us on our way to deeply knowing Christ.
but still Jesus does everything for us to find him.
He's there since the beginning. He knows about what's to happen and how long we'll live.
He knows when we'll call him and when are we going to surrender and serve him.
In Luke fifteen, Jesus describes us as 'lost sheep'.
bet you know the story where as a shepherd with a flock of one hundred sheep,
he leaves the ninety nine in order to go out and find the one that has gone astray.
that's how Jesus loves his children. He could leave the others just to get one back.
He never wants us to fall in to sins and set apart from him.
and we don't have to find our way back to the fold. Jesus is pursuing us.
All we need to do is stop running and let him take us back.
we might fall so deep into things that blind us..
might be something that could set us apart from worshiping and giving him back the glory.
but let us always remember that God will never leave us and will never forget about us.
it may look like we're sooo doooomed and that life is a mess.
but turn that mess into a message.. God is there to lift us up.

happy friday night everyone.
leaving work in a bit.

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