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heya! MIA [again!] but hey.. i'm back! and i want to share few posts here on my radar. so let me write my stories and begin with a short...

MIA [again!]
but hey.. i'm back!
and i want to share few posts here on my radar.
so let me write my stories and begin with a short devotional reading.

obviously this is JUST A HYPHEN.
yup, that short line we use in writing fractions,
words that begin with anti.. non, to some titles,
separating identical letters, aircraft and more.. [thanks for the infos.hihi]

Some time ago a newspaper headline read,
It was hard to believe that a small hyphen in a computer readout caused
the destruction of a huge, powerful missile.
Perhaps you've heard the old proverb:

"For want of a nail the shoe was lost.
For want of a shoe the horse was lost.
For want of a horse the rider was lost.
For want of a rider the battle was lost.
For a want of a battle the kingdom was lost."

Apparently, that was the case here. On the day in question,
a Venus space probe launch vehicle, boosted by an eighteen-million dollar U.S. Atlas rocket,
was lost because a hyphen was missing from a computer equation.
Richard Morrison, a NASA official, told the House Space Committee
investigating the incident that the missing hyphen caused a mathematical miscue.
Said Morrison, "The hyphen gives a cue for the spacecraft to ignore the data
the computer feeds it until radar contact is once again restored.
When that hyphen is left out, false information is fed into the spacecraft control systems.
In this case, the computer fed in hard left, nose down, and the vehicle obeyed."

There is an important hyphen that belongs in our lives, too.
It doesn't seem like much, but without it, we can crash.
That hyphen is time alone with God.
A time to pray..
a time to read God's Word..
a time to listen to God's voice.
Just a few minutes a day is all it takes to keep our lives on course.

Whatever we're doing we should always act and do things in worship to God.
We may all be busy working on something that needs to be done.
But we must always keep in mind to put God on top of our priority.
It's not just the put-God-first thing.
it must be kept real.
not only by words, not only by anything..
but in heart and within our soul.
yes, everything may sound perfect.
Everything may look ok.
But time will come that we'll all stand before God
and He'll ask us what have we done with the life He gave us.
i just pray that we all pay attention to that important hyphen in our lives.

God is good and He loves us more than anything... more than this world.
i may share you some of my devotions here. you can read them if you want.
and encourage you to share yours.
i know.. this is the time we must all stand up for CHRIST.

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