how embarrassing!

it was crazy hot last Saturday at Nayong Pilipino . but still.. dowd and I chose to stay there after the shoot . we were actually looking f...

it was crazy hot last Saturday at Nayong Pilipino.
but still.. dowd and I chose to stay there after the shoot.
we were actually looking for a place we could use for the next shoot.
NP still looks the same. just the way it was before.
the only difference was.. ang daming tao.
sat down for a while. and saw this manong selling ice cream.

went up to him. bought two cups.
one for me. and of course, one for my dowd. eep!

while holding the cups.. walking to where my dowd was sitting..
I smiled and remembered this story I once read about a girl and her ice cream cone.

"A girl from the Midwest made a trip to Hollywood to see the sights
and hopefully to catch a glimpse of a real movie star.
One afternoon, she visited Beverly Hills and went into an ice cream shop to get an ice cream cone.

She put in her order and then suddenly realized that the person standing next to her at the counter was
none other than Paul Newman. [sumalangit nawa ang kanyang kaluluwa]
She couldn't believe it! Her heart leapt.
But she tried to keep her composure. She didn't want to act like an ignorant hillbilly.
She didn't want to embarrass herself in front of someone like Paul Newman.
So she tried not to stare or show any emotion.
She paid the cashier, turned and walked calmly out of the store.

When she got outside, she took a deep breath and suddenly realized
that she had walked out of the store without her ice cream cone.
Oh no! She must have left it on the counter.
Now she was going to have to go back in and
get her ice cream cone in front of Paul Newman!
She just couldn't do that!
So she decided to wait outside the store until Mr. Newman had left the counter.
When she noticed he was no longer there,
she walked back into the store to retrieve her ice cream cone.
But when she got to the counter, she felt a tap on her shoulder from behind.
She turned around and.... IT WAS PAUL NEWMAN!
Flashing his famous smile, he said,
'Miss, if you're looking for your ice cream cone... you put it in your purse.'"

it happened to me before.
I had a huge crush on this guy and every time he'd stand near me
or talk to me.. I couldn't control myself and be soooo kilig!
and ended up like sobrang pahiya.
can't eat. can't talk in front of him. at sobrang pawis. [talk about pasmado]
No matter how hard we try, we all end up looking pretty foolish from time to time.
We can try to look "cool" or totally in control, but down deep we struggle with
fears, worries, lack of confidence, low self-esteem.
And sometimes we let those things drag us down and
keep us from experiencing all that God wants for us.
Scripture encourages us to let go of our pride and
to humble ourselves to become a servant
[which can be a pretty embarrassing thing for some people].
Peter was embarrassed when he saw Jesus acting like a servant and
wanting to wash his dirty feet.
But think of how Jesus felt.
He was God, yet he was kneeling down and doing the job of a slave.
It didn't matter to him if what people may think of him.
We may look pretty foolish sometimes as Christians,
but "we are fools for Christ!" [first corinthians four ten]

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