love and the cabbie

Columnist Art Buchwald tells the story of a day when he was riding in a cab in New York City with a friend. [let's name him Fred] When...

Columnist Art Buchwald tells the story of a day when he was riding in a cab in New York City with a friend. [let's name him Fred]

When they got out of the cab, his friend said to the driver,
"Thank you for the ride. You did a superb job of driving this cab!"

The taxi driver seemed stunned for a second and said, "Are you a wise guy or something?"
"NO" said Fred, "I'm serious. I admire the way you keep cool in heavy traffic.
Not many cab drivers are able to do that. I'm glad I rode in your cab today!"
Buchwald asked his friend, "What was that all about?"
[FRED] "I'm trying to bring love back to New York City,"
"I believe it's the only thing that can save this city."
[BUCHWALD] "You think one man can save NYC?"
[FRED] "It's not one man,"
"I believe I have made that taxi driver's day.
Suppose he has twenty fares.
He's going to be nice to those twenty fares because someone was nice to him.
Those fares will in turn be kinder to their employees, shopkeepers or waiters,
or even to their own families.
Eventually, the goodwill could spread to at least a thousand people.
Now that isn't bad, is it?"

[BUCHWALD] "But you are depending on that taxi driver to pass your goodwill to others."
[FRED] "Maybe he won't. But i might say something nice to ten
different people today. If, out of ten, I can make three happy,
then I can influence the attitudes of three thousand or more."

[BUCHWALD] "You're some kind of a nut."
[FRED] "Take postal workers, for instance.
The reason so many of them hate their work is because no one is telling
them that they are doing a good job."
[BUCHWALD] "But they aren't doing a good job."
[FRED] "They're not doing a good job because they don't believe anyone cares if they do or not."

Buchwald and his friend continued walking down the street and noticed five workmen eating their lunch.
Fred stopped and said, "That's magnificent job you men have done.
It must be difficult and dangerous work."
The workmen looked at Fred suspiciously.
"When will this job be finished?" Fred asked.
"September," growled one of the workmen.
"Ah that's really impressive. You must all be proud of what you are doing here!"
As they walked away, Buchwald said, "I still don't think you are doing any good."
[FRED] "On the contrary, when those workmen digest my words,
they'll feel better about what they are doing and somehow the city will benefit."
"But you can't do this alone," said Buchwald. "You're just one man."
[FRED] "But i'm not discouraged. I'm hoping to enlist others in my campaign."
They continued walking down the street.
"You just smiled at a very plain-looking woman," Buchwald said to Fred.
[FRED] "Yes I know. And if she's a school teacher, her class is going to be in for a fantastic day."

augh. lakas makanobela. haha.
I was about to cross the pedestrian lane when i saw the taxis lined up outside Landmark.
i know i have a story about this so I braved myself and took my cam out in public and click!
you see the flow of the story? the message?
Most of us don't realize the impact that we can have in the world by
just showing love or a simple act one person at a time.
When we do, we can set off a chain reaction that will reap huge dividends for the kingdom of God.
We can make a big difference in the world with seemingly insignificant acts of kindness.
No need to open the bible and read every verse to share God's word.
We don't need to be righteous to be able to show people that we believe in God.
We just need to show them that they are being loved and appreciated whatever they do in life.
Remember that God is able to take small things we do for him and perform miracles in other people's lives.
Try it and see what happens!


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