the camera makes everyone a tourist in other people's reality..

...and eventually in one's own. was supposed to hit Manila to run errands.. but AL 's mezzanine is undergoing a make-over since y...

...and eventually in one's own.

was supposed to hit Manila to run errands..
but AL's mezzanine is undergoing a make-over since yesterday.
I redesigned the table upstairs and the shelves.
Mezzanine serves as a working station so it really looks so full and messy.
lots of product materials.. stuff.. tools.. and a bunch of activities going around so i need to get it cleaned. renewed. and re-organized.
will share the finished layout once done.

anyway.. would like to share a few photos on what i was up on my previous post.

went here for a random reason which I got to tell you here.
As I've noticed the adaptive use of this famous historical landmark makes certain areas ideal for picnics.. promenades...

.. and for open air theater..

main entrance of Fort Santiago proper.

The fort is part of the structures of the walled city where Jose Rizal, Philippines' national hero, was imprisoned.

embedded onto the ground are his final footsteps representing the walk from his cell to the location of the execution.

[sige mama, lakaran niyo po]

"Fuerte de Santiago [Spanish] once served as the premier defense fortress of the Spanish Government in the Philippines."

But today the fort serves as a museum which houses well-preserved legacies of the Spanish government..

Inside the Rizal Shrine are some memories of Jose Rizal, which is called the Plaza de Armas..

where few of his things are preserved.

[picture of his girlfriend. the El Fili. and some of his garments.]

the letter written on the floor.
[gassd. forgot what the letter's all about. mom. help.]

and some writings on the wall.
this reminds me of Mene-Mene Tekel Parsin in Daniel 5.

we were about to go when we saw them taking pictures..
"ohsnap! i also want that." so i asked mom and...

she clicked!

'twas late afternoon when mom and I decided to say bye to Mr. Santiago.
i have to wait for tita though.. so I stayed in intra.
planned to pick up kuya after work to meet the secret ─ the chicken Bonchon in Makati.

the food is all good. love the chicken!


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