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out of the blue

wearing a top I made and thrifted range boots

socks from Forever21 and this belt bracelet i altered

cheetah bow ring I made and quiapo rings

brought my baby brother to the doctor a couple of weeks ago to have it fixed.
he was sick.. and can't work with me so i had to ask kuya manong to cure him.

he's with me four years now. and i soooo love him. he's part of my life. my everything.
and i know how dowd loves him too, he even learned how to use it
and helps me when i have bunch of stuff to sew.
so to see him this sick really makes us feel sad.

oh, if only Juki knows how I want him to be my baby.

on another note: I had the time to check Intra's Starbucks that same day..
been at Intra for like everyday but haven't gotten inside.
so when I had the chance, grabbed my cam and took some snaps.

#randomthoughts: i want to go to Guatemala [true] and get their fabrics.


2 notes :

inkarlcerating said...

yuni gawan mo naman ako ng belt cuff pls i super like! how much??

Rania said...

Your rings are amazing!

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