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Let me sew on a patch for you

though i got a not-so-nice outfit photo here..
I still wanna share how inspired I am to put patches on my pants.

i know you noticed the DIY post of this pantaloon ─ the stitches on each patch.
basically, I wore it before I made the revision.
first i had it with invisible stitches then opt to put an illusion rather than making the patch looks like they were just glued on the jeans.

and so I did enjoy basyang wearing my patched pair.
btw, mom and I planned to hit the grocery because we ran out of candles.
['di uso samin ang lamp e. ayaw naman namin ng gasera. kakaitim ng ilong.]

enjoy the feet post! yay!

at last, i had a photo of you.
addicted to slave rings. check the store ─ then shop for accessories.
i enjoy [mentioned this word three times] making slave ring + bracelet.

haaay.. honestly,, what I'm supposed to do is to post the photos on the previous shoot brother and I did last Saturday.
promise.. I'm gonna reserve Friday for that post.
gotta roll now. eat dinner. spend time with the machine.
btw, i'm gonna start dealing with my #randomstoriesaboutme tweets.

tweet me. track me back.


6 notes :

Kookie B. said...

cool jeans! and the new slave ring is so cute! i can't wait to wear my slave ring. :)

Jennifer said...

fantastic work on the jeans! I wish I had some jeans to dismember and make something as awesome as this!

inkarlcerating said...

omg i want s slave ring too!!!

Sabina said...

Loving the jeans!!!
Please come check out my blog - I think you'll really enjoy it! :))
Can't wait to hear from you hon!

pinky said...

I LOVE! Galing!

Anonymous said...

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Is this possible?

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