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cut and patch

before the race for lace was created, I made this pantaloon after cleaning the house yesterday..
basyang really hit us big time. the wind ─ augh! can't forget it.
brother was sound asleep Tuesday night while I kept praying.
i can't sleep. i was thinking about the roof. the door. the window. mom. dad.
everything. everyone.
"Oh Lord, please make basyang stop.
drag her anywhere. kill her. " [thinking basyang is a girl]
though i can't hear brother snoring, i know he really had a good night sleep.
i remembered the story in the bible.. where the disciples were scared.
they were in the boat in the middle of the storm.
they were crying for help.. for rain to stop.
Jesus stood up and asked them, what scared them.
then Jesus commanded the rain to stop.
and in just a note.. the rain calmed down and stopped.

now, i wonder what's the pants got to do with the story?
well all i know i made the patched pantaloon yesterday where basyang was a hit.

i grabbed this super old washed jeans out of the closet and put few patches on it.
I used the patches I cut from my old dark denim pants which are shorts now.
I know you know how I love ripping pants and then patch them sometime.
that's how I work with my all-time-favorite wardrobe piece. hee.

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