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they chase you with their thirst for the blackness

what makes aleralokale's saturday?

saturday is the time to work with our ideas.
we manage to make this day a productive one as possible.
since this is just the day where brother and I could meet to work together for aleralokale.
though today, we need to work without our desktop... hard to believe,, we need to bring it to the doctor and have it fixed. ohsnap!

anyhow,, we always make sure that we support each other's ideas. esp the love for blacks-and-whites.
good thing, we have the same likes.. it's easy to work with him and tell him what i'm into.

so what we did earlier today was to shoot some of my accessories which I designed out of the materials I fell in love with.
we asked our cousin to help and model for us.
apparently, he was the oldest brother of our nakitta mister model, Lei, who happened to be featured in our nakitta lookbook pages.
oh. these dudes are to be loved. They have beautiful jaws. yes! we are jaw-lovers. haha.

so here are some of the outtakes.. some bts of today's shoot. and few takes of aleralokale's headquarter.

some of our magazines. they fill the half of the mezzanine.

i just love the steps. wish i made it wider.

we asked warren, the model, to use these barbels before he takes the topless shots.
and i don't know why. brother just insisted.

yes. since i was a kid, i love collecting bottles. they fill the other half of the mezzanine. haha.

talk about multi-tasking.

oh. have i mentioned that brother is good in painting and drawing, just like my dad.
but i don't think it would make him a good MUA too. *smiles*

brother, painting this guy's face to come up with the look we want.

and so here are the few of the accessories we used for the shoot. as I could remember we also used the wooden fangs in our photoshoot with Jhenn Olivar.

its' a wrap!

will keep you posted about the update of this post. the lookbook perhaps.
you may visit the store to shop for sccessories. though we are still working on some designs up to now. but then, you may check the site from time to time for new updates and new designs. shop here!

1 notes :

inkarlcerating said...

shitt! i love the accessories! i ned a tribal inspired knick knack and yers is perfeect!!!

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