hello friday night. what a stuck-at-home day i had. booyah! was out almost a week and yesterday was so inspiring.. I've got bunch of won...

hello friday night.

what a stuck-at-home day i had. booyah!
was out almost a week and yesterday was so inspiring..
I've got bunch of wonderful ideas in my head and stuff that are saved to bust out some time soon.
I was even more inspired when I saw the feature which Gen, of thiskidlovesvintage, posted on her sweet blog.

was clueless when she asked me if I could be one of her all-the-best-features on her page.
i didn't even know what to say..
she gave me the link so i could check and see her past features.
was so surprised when I saw the names ─ you really sure you want me in?
she really has a great taste.. minus me. i know.

Gen, is a super smart girl [especially how she answers people's questions]
She knows how to work on something and I love the way she writes. [ which I can never do on my radar.]
And so i said.. YES!
She then sent me the questions which took me a month to answer her back. ooops!
was so thankful she didn't get mad at me.. she understood that Christmas is the busiest time of the year ─ hihi. thank you.

Thiskidlovesvintage is awesome.
Her idea of having a spoiler for her upcoming feature is dope.

I had no idea that the feature-thing was out already until Melai, of styleandsoul,
tweeted me yesterday, saying she saw me on thiskidlovesvintage's page.
thanks Mel.

I was giddy I grabbed my friend's laptop and headed to Gen's blog. hehe.
It had been posted there for three days i think. And was a bit too late to re-post and heart it. nyaw! but I had to..
it's such an honor to know that someone appreciates you and the things you do.
whether you are a nobody or... somebody.

I read the whole page.
and saw this..

i'm not questioning being saved or like I'm in doubt of how great our Father ─ God is.
those two question marks really stand for

yes! a HEART and a CROSS.
maybe, 'twas just an OS error.

anyhoo. I felt so small. I know my answers are like whoaaaa..
they can't all be trusted. haha.
some things I like seeing.. doing today may no longer be the same for me later.
and I love the fact that I'm living with Chuck Palahniuk's quote:
"I am the combined effort of everybody I've ever known."

Trying to make people know you with the things you say and do is such a tough one.
but letting your work speak for itself is all that matters ─ that's how Vicky puts it.
I believe opportunities and good relationships start with just a simple conversation and continue to last with sincere stories.

To operate a blog.. and how you manage everything you post.. sharing anything and showing your stuff is not that easy.
But seeing yourself and reading stuff about you [personality more than style ─ is what I really admire] on someone's page is one real thing.
I may not have the coolest clothes and shoes with labels and big names and all the fashion stuff.
but I'm happy with simple things that make my world worth more like a branded cloth.
I want this radar to not just focus on things that are temporary.. I don't want this to be just an avenue of showing off how much I have.
I want real stories. real me. real you.

Thank you Gen for seeing that part of me..
thank you for the space and for having me on your all-the-best.
What I was really waiting to see on that post is the way how you would tell something about me. [the intro part] ─ and I love it.
The truth is.. I can write anything I want on my radar, right?
I can say "I am this.. I do this.. I am here.. These are my friends.." blah-blah..
but when someone writes something about you.. about the things you do.. how they appreciate you. ─ it's a big thing.
So Gen, you have my heart on this one. I do appreciate this.
thanks also to your wonderful readers.
Continue to free your dreams.
Let that obsession with your passion grows.
And keep on inspiring people.
You are awesome.

BTW, guys.. you can read the whole feature here.
and get a chance to win a giveaway.
augh. sorry if I talk too much here. haha.
go, read.
feel it. it's simple.

i know this is a li'l random.. But I just have to share something that's worth more than this post..
let me quote this from Vicky's I've-had-the-most-interesting-conversation-with-my-sister post.

"It’s more important to work on developing yourself to be the kind of person people can really admire.
You need to walk your talk. You need to do what you say you will do.
She often times would say, its not a matter of showing off how much you have
because sometimes the lifestyle can be very false and misleading.

At the end of the day, she just taught to me to always keep things real."


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