was thinking of a better title for this post but ended up with something like i heard from a radio station. eeep! APRIL. been waiting for th...

was thinking of a better title for this post but ended up with something like i heard from a radio station. eeep!
been waiting for this month actually....
hope while reading this you're holding a copy of this MEGA magazine.

in all honesty.. i still can't believe this is happening.
you know,, brother and I are like everyone else ─ dreamers.
we put dreams and faith together. locked them in a safe box. covered them with prayers..
then unexpectedly met amazing people that helped us free them.

my stories here are actually based on what i have and do in life.
living a very ordinary life in Cavite.
learning incredible things in Manila.
trying to support myself with the stuff i'm capable of doing.
and helping the family dream to build an empire. waza! haha. JK.
I worked as a visual merchandiser..
and still doing freelance works that deal with interior design and fashion.
i do everything related to what feeds my heart.. spirit.. and soul.
but what helps me to live and grow with passion is how God inspires me with everything wonderful.

Early 2010, i met the amazing Sarah Meier in person.
Art and I attended Jujiin's Number One exhibit held at Trilogy Boutique which we heard from
the radio show Sarah and Vicky Herrera were hosting ─ The Dollhouse. [SHABBA!]
........from then everything positive happened.
I've witnessed how willing they are to help people reach their dreams.
believe me. they are true [ROLE] MODELS.

i may not be able to tell you everything.. in this post or the coming ones..
about the amazing things that we learned from them but what i can share you are
the thoughts and feelings of how they helped us to keep moving forward.
thankful. will always be.
happy. forever.
blessed. thank you Lord.

APRIL 2011
MEGA ─ one of our local magazines I enjoy browsing. reading and collecting.
but never thought that someday.. one day.. i'll be seeing my name on one of its pages.
last February, I made another shirt for Sarah [i soooo love making TSHIRTS]
with her idea of saying HIP HOP.

which she wore at Mega's 10-most-stylish women featuring Sarah Meier and Vicky Herrera
along with their awesome friends, Erica Paredes, Banjo Albano, Christel Boncan and Abdul Dimaporo.
Art and I visited them at the shoot and witnessed how everyone worked. [few random pics here.]
Here are the photos from the magazine which they were featured..
[shouts to Rommel. thanks for the photos.]

Sarah wearing the HIP HOP shirt I made
and Vicky wearing the cross necklace I made too.

yay! can't believe.. i saw my name now on a glossy magazine.
though i don't deserve it.. so happy that a piece of my work is on print now.
[shouts to Sarah and Vicky... for believing and appreciating my work. *cheers*]
Thank you Lord. You are awesome.
this won't be possible without you.
| this is for you |

"It’s not a matter of having your name or photo in every magazine or newspaper, that matters."

i know, to some this is not a big deal..
too small compared to those people who are known in the industry.
but this means a lot to me. [talk about first time. hihi.]
knowing that there are two persons in the fashion industry who believed that I CAN.
Thank you.. S and V. *hugs*

grab a copy of MEGA!


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