forest of bags x house of bicycles

found myself in wonderland [again] just like how i found myself here. I went to the most amazing place -- collective to get inked. siiike!...

found myself in wonderland [again] just like how i found myself here.
I went to the most amazing place -- collective to get inked. siiike! JK.

And found out that two doors next to Tattoo is a different kind of wonderland -- the one which jujiin had talked about.
I was astonished when I saw the beautiful patched bags hanging on branches..

and felt giddy upon entering this two-panel door...

that says.... PUSH!

The edge of collective has grown to a forest of bags. Bags of all colors and fabrics.

bags of all shapes and characters.

"YADU bags are all about uniqueness, each creation is its own combination of patterns and colors,
while carrying its owners intentions - no matter what his lifestyle is."

"This cozy place is a forest of hundred percent pinoy bags where no space is spared."
You can even see more bags on the ramp leading to the mezzanine area.

Each bag is designed with a story made out of pieces of fabric patched together to make sure that no items are ever alike.

"The fabric is carefully chosen from ukay-ukay shops. Everything, except the straps and other hardware like zippers are new.
As much as possible, even the lining is recycled, but they choose newer fabric for durability."

Yadu also invites people to have your own customized bags and encourages to make use of other materials,
like an old piece of clothing that you want to preserve and make into something else
that Yadu designers would be willing to do just for you.

They have everything from wallets...

to guitar cases..

YADU believes that life is a happening.

"Everything we do, say and carry is a reflection of what we wish to happen."

"Yadu's roots are in Khumbmela, one of the pioneer Philippine bag manufacturers in the 90s."
[thanks marvin for the info]

haha. i was thinking of asking for a copy of that book on yadu's desk.....

kaso nahiya naman na ako.. they gave us wallets. [thank you]

"Yadu's space isn't purely for the bags. In one corner is a band setup, and they're considering hosting some exhibits in the future."

"Yadu's big daddy is Yadu Saulo [the same guy behind the popular Khumbmela bags],
who is a huge supporter of events in general.
He's really for getting people together, and for converging energy."

To make each bag more personal.. each one is given a special name marked in a Sanskrit text by Yadu Saulo himself .

[people behind the great yadu: as they were carefully looking at my bag]

And the best part about their bags is that even if they are durable enough, each bag still comes with a lifetime warranty.
So if you think your yadu bags need something just send them over and yadu would be willing to repair/treat them.

What really made me more in love with the store is how it looks very organic with the bags looking like they sprouted out of branches,
instead of being placed on racks.

for you to have a better idea on how each bag looks like..
here's a video shown during their store opening at the collective.
[via Gino Montalvo]

Oh yadu.. i just don't wanna leave you yet.. but I really had to...

.... 'cause I wanna ride on a new old bike..

not sure if I saw this bike specialty shop when i first hit the amazing collective.

obviously,, it specializes in customizing bikes.

inside their workshop are bunch of tools and equipments..

that make old bikes look like new.

Yes, the shop is also interested in antique ones and spare parts.

ooh.. yadu + new old bikes are tattooed on my mind now.
so as this TATTOO shop here.

Have you been to B-SIDE already?

Have you checked Team's store there?

Are you willing to make this a ritual?

well heya.. count me in.


|YADU is located at The Collective. Malugay St., Makati City so as the new old bike and other shops posted here. | More about yadu on facebook.


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