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art washes the dust of everyday life from the soul.

Soul Fillet at B Side, The Collective

Before heading out to B Side, we decided to stay in Greenbelt while waiting for the soul fillet event at nine thirty.
Brec, My, Fretz, Vilch and Emai and I were there with my two favorite dudes, Art and Rommel.

emai [right] wearing the pillow fight necklace.

Shhh.. aside of me liking platinum hair.. i'm dying to have My's locks. augh! i just love it!

and the black-and-white photo goes right here. iloveblackandwhites.

and so we needed to say byebye to the gang and went to B side.

hip hop is sooo alive here. Philippines do love hip hop!

and what amazed me that night was the place. It's really beautiful. I think I've found another perfect work team nook The stores are artistically designed. And they made me love aleralokale even more.
I always hear this place from revo, saab, sarah meier and some favorite artists I know.
And when I knew that Soul Fillet will be held at B side, and that dollhouse confirmed it, we decided to go and witness the fun.

The event was just perfect. Great artists. Great people. Dope place.

Aside from loving Fillet, can't find no reason to be bored here. This one could be for the greenies and where everyone would enjoy. An area in Makati that would make you feel more inspired.

And what I love about the stores here, they have great finds but in limited amounts, meaning you won't find yourself matching the outfit you're wearing with the one next to you.

love the colors! and yes, i saw something similar on my closet.. the one in checkered... the sleeves.

Black Book: talk about black and avante-garde.

Ritual: [retail] bottles. i missed anonymous. love the idea of reusing.. recycled containers.

talk about food: noodle house and pasta bar.

who can say no to this graffiti wall. just like what we had here.

and a lot of other cool stores there. I also saw Team Manila constructing their store there, so keep an eye on that.
augh! i wish this would be part of my ritual... to go to collective,, spend more time lurking around and..... check for a vacant lot. haha.
i thank soul fillet because i got a chance to be here.

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