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grab the rope and say yo!

photographed by art alera

if there are outtakes, there's also an outfit post. yay!
and this isn't just about the outfit. it's about fun!
fun taking these pictures right in the middle of our shoot today -- wearing brother's black chucks. [how could a size 9 fit in size 11?]
and tried to look like a dude.

hope i made you laugh. hahaha.
the photos really make me laugh esp the third and the last photo. wahahaha.
and still can't stop laughing. huwow!
woa. people keep staring at me. haha.
btw, i'm here in mcdo molino.
and i think i really gotta roll now before the clock ticks seven.


4 notes :

Jennifer said...

SICK! I love the thought of rope as an alternative to the (rather overdone) chained body harnesses...hope you wouldn't mind if I give these a go too

kirstyb said...

loving the pics xxxx

Gela said...

haha! you make a totally cool dude! looked like you had so much fun, too. :D


boat ride through the sky

inkarlcerating said...

puchiiii.. im drooling. paggawa naman nito yuni!!! ill pay!!
ganda sobraaa

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