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white wash

mixing gold and silver... [see right hand]

photographed by art alera

ooh-lala. gone white.
i looked like, me having a bow leg or something on the second to the last photo. haha.

i love the pillow-thingy on my neck. hey, get a piece of your own now. *smiles*

6 notes :

Kookie B. said...

i love the white top!!!! it has darling details on the hem. :)

Jennifer said...

I love the older quality of these picture, and I have to say adore how you paired the top with the jeans! I've been looking for light washed jeans like these since forever! great details with the white and gold accessories too.

I love the photos on your blog and your style...definitely a follower now.

Gela said...

hey Eunicena, where do you get your rings? you always have such pretty jewelry!


boat ride through the sky

projectvee said...

i love your outfits, girl :)
the colours are perfect for summer!

yuniseeeena said...

hello gela.. i got the gold ring with stones at sm dept. store.
the silver on middle finger in ppl r ppl.
the other silver from bangketa.
and i made the antique gold with pearl myself.
thank you. :)

yuniseeeena said...

thank you.
you dnt know how i appreciate every detail you write here.
it really makes my day..

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