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pizza evangelism

woah. it's been raining for a week straight.. sooo cold...
and it's not just a simple rain where you could enjoy every drop of it and play.
haaay.. wonder how's everyone doing..
Oh Lord, keep us safe.
keep everyone safe.

on a lighter note: I would like to share another devo which I pray would open our hearts
and would encourage us to use every opportunity we have to reach people.

How many of us here think of ways on how we could tell how eager we are to reach people and bring them at the feet of God.
You know what's more important thing we, people, must do?
It's to live with the purpose God gave us and to complete our mission ─ yup. M I S S I O N.
[but remember to never forget about: the ministry]
MISSION has been described as serving the needs of those who are not presently Christians.
It should be our goal to tell the world what life there is when we spend it with God.
We should be brave enough to stand up for Christ.
I believe we should be starting and continue spreading the word in any way possible.
What is that we need to do to tell them who's this G I'm talking about and the question is...
H O W?
I have a story here about someone who had this fascinating rendition of his spiritual journey.
He related how his first encounter with someone who could speak personally
about a real relationship with God came to him while serving in the US navy.
Apparently, one of his fellow recruits put out the word:
"I'm getting out of the Navy tomorrow and I'll give free pizza to anyone who'll listen to me talk about Jesus."

Then some responded, "I'll listen to anything to get free pizza. Bring it over here!"
He went on to relate how the pizza evangelist's excitement and absolute belief in what he was saying
had kept him spellbound from ten o' clock at night until two in the morning.
"PIZZA EVANGELISM! God was at work in bringing my senses into focus."

As I was reading this I remembered the story of a fender guitar t-shirt.
Having the same idea on how to get those people hear what they have to tell about Jesus.
Though wearing a christian t-shirt didn't work, having a common interest did.
In this story, the pizza evangelist is on to something here. Sure it was a "come on," but who cares?
He didn't bribe anyone without telling them what he was doing. He told him what he was up to since.
He was up front with everything.
"I'm going to talk to you about Jesus and I'm going to buy some of your time with a little pizza. How about it?'
That's a generous offer that respects a person's time and motivation.
I think we've all burned at one time or another by someone's sales pitch disguised
as something else ─ a freebie, a dinner out, or an invitation to meet a neighbor.
I know some would experience this when you are in the bus..
someone will stand there in front of you holding a bible.. telling about Jesus.
I have nothing against them. whether it's good or bad, i think it's just a brave move.
I believe we all have this feeling of wanting to know who this JESUS ba talaga.
Yes, He died on the cross and rose again.
He's the one we're talking to when we're praying.
When we're in trouble, we run to him and ask for help.
True enough,, we all know JESUS.
but do we know how HE LOVES US and how he wants us to be with him forever ─ as in for eternity?
I'm not playing like a religious someone here.I'm not a religious person and I don't want to be.
I just want to share you what I know personally about him.
And just like this man who was so brave to stand up for what he knows was right..
I was moved and felt that I could do the same thing
─ we could do the same thing ─ EVERYONE could do the same thing.
I like this pizza and Jesus guy. he went with a straight-accross deal.
"I've got something really important to me that I'd like to share with you..
I'm willing to give you something for your time, so that even if you don't like what
I have to say, you'll like the pizza."
And the weight of the offer itself tells you that this Jesus story is really important to him
─ important enough to make sure he has one last chance to tell it.
What do we have that we can give for someone's time?
What can we exchange for a legitimate opportunity to share the gospel with someone?
I think this is what this radar is up to.
You know, I may not always have great pizza... this New York Style pizza [hehe]..

But what I always try to give or share you, are at least,
the stories, the-not-so-perfect photos..
and with how I try to keep everything real.
I really don't know if you happen to read my posts.
I don't have that much follower who always track everything i do.
but what I wanted to say here is..
we may do anything we want to do in our lives..
we may have everything we want.
but we must remember that in everything,
we must choose to bridge the intention to let us, people,
help each other draw closer to God.
We have time to really get up close with him.
Read his word.
Connect with people who love you and love God more than anything.
And most of all,, try to have an intimate relationship with Him.
Pause for sometime. slow down.
meditate. pray.
understand and learn how to work on the salvation God has given you.
If you need help about this devo thing ─ feel free to write me a letter.
if you want someone to pray for you. let me know.
I'm so willing to tell Jesus your name.
you can also reach my brother, Art. tweet him.
mas malakas siya kay Lord kesa sakin. hehe.
no, seriously. we are here to help anyone.
We have to live our purpose.
I know everyone of us loves God.
We just have to work on our faith.
Let's help each other.
pray. first thessalonians five eleven

spread the word!



back to school

paid a visit to my school yesterday.

'twas raining hard.
glad my cousin was there.
stayed with her while waiting for rain to stop.

i showed her the link of the awesome fashioneur.
she checked on the site and printed this one post that hit her.
we were discussing about our answers.
wah! what a #serioustalk we had.

my cousin, ruth.
pushing her to make a blog of her own.


chained slave rings all from E.
made by yours truly.

this compass made me smile talaga.
-- kumusta ang sampung piso --
"wala yan sa compass, nasa gawa yan." haha.

guess who?

my dowd ─ Rommel ─ always to the rescue.


"If you're going to hold someone down..
you're going to have to hold on by the other end of the chain.
You are confined by your own repression."
Toni Morrison

java script

went home with this in my hands.
was so blessed to spend an afternoon with someone who listens to what you say..
someone who believes in you..
someone who taps and correct you when you're wrong..
and someone who inspires you to be the best you can be.
i will always admire you for helping me trust myself more.
thank you for keeping it real.
t h a n k y o u



grant me some wild expression

wearing a top I made. and lolo's pair of trousers.


a shoe can't hurt you too deeply

never wear anything that panics the cat

had a shoot with a friend last Friday.
and got this privilege to play since our location is... the playground.

eunicena in a S L I D E S H O W..

just like what I did here.

F R I D A T E!


It is difficult to see why lace should be so expensive.

....it is mostly holes.

but.. not mine...
got this fabric real cheap from a thrift store and made it into a top.

love the hair from the Sassa Jimenez's show last PFW.
so when i saw this li'l book of hairstyling from Evita Peroni..
took it and tried to do it myself.
but obviously, 'twas an epic fail. haha.

but still stood against the green roll up door..

raised my arms...

and pray?

MIA for about a couple of weeks i guess.
leaving my radar with nothing but same old stories.
now i'm back.. chose to start right with a devotional post.
followed by some stories that were supposed to hit my radar weeks ago.
anyhooo.. this lace rock my bad hairdo.

track me back.

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