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changed spot

wearing a skirt from nakitta | thrifted sweater and shoes | forever 21 gray socks

bangles, random | forever 21, sonny's, gold dot rings | necklace by me | yabang pinoy

been creating stories here in this spot.
and i'm lovin' it ─ farmer's daughter.
hmm.. i'm missing the walled city though.
will hit the city some time soon.
just have to show my love to the cows.. dried grass that I always see whenever I'm here.
'twas sooo windy that afternoon and thought I couldn't have decent photos for this clothes story.
thank you farm ville. i know you love me.
btw, meet my friend.
and oops.. gotta bounce now! leaving you this quote: don't just watch the clock.



don't just watch the clock.

i must govern the clock, not be governed by it.

we must know how to live the time that is given to us.
'cause lost time is never found again.

my hat keeps blowing off

when i have a camera in my hand, i know no fear.

the camera is like a friend.
you can go places and feel like you're with someone.
.... like you have a companion.

my sister. my friend. since 2008... meet holga. lovin' lomo.


by His stripes I am healed

wo. can't believe.. i finished cutting fourteen sixteen shirts today.
that's new to me. i used to cut two or three in a day.
the striped shirt i was wearing here was a top I reconstructed two days ago.
'twas a tight dress. and since i'm not that super fan of tight/fit clothes,
thought of turning it into a shirt and putting the rest of the fabric on its figure.
this look is so simple and I know it's very lookbookish.
was about to go when I decided to take some clothes story.
was running out of available lighting so I chose to leave some noise on the photo.
btw, peep my enstyle here.



roots system

i'm soooo lovin' this spot..

i don't care what I was wearing for this clothes-story...
anyway.. it's just the roots and dried leaves I was so excited about.

still got my hands with the shirts i'm busy working with..
and with a few stuff to be sent in Baguio [Panagbenga] ─ will lay the details soon.
need to hit Manila this afternoon.. gotta finish the line sheets first.
sooo excited to drop by the Booksale later.



and the future lies beneath your hat

Marc Abaya

photographed by arturo alera

ripping the photos from arturo's file.
here's Marc Abaya at Lee Show, PFW SS 2011.

more PFW stories here.

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