just a few quick lines at three twenty eight in the morning. yes. still up. hitting my radar. pressing the black keys. and thinking what tit...

just a few quick lines at three twenty eight in the morning.
yes. still up. hitting my radar. pressing the black keys.
and thinking what title am going to use here.
anyway.. i had an amazing week.
dope is... i learned a lot.
and i guess i should tell what's with this salt+pepper tray, soooon.
hopefully will spend some time next week to share it with you.

what i can do right this minute is to say that we were so happy to be in Cal Carrie's headquarter last Thursday, located at G/F, L.V. Locsin Buidling 6752 Ayala Avenue corner Makati Avenue, Makati where you can also find the Masters School for Models.

MSFM offers different courses in modeling which provide complete and advanced education for both aspiring and experienced models.

Vicky told us that we can drop by and ask Mau..
[the awesome girl next to me. you'll soon get to know her here on my radar]

to go around and see their office.

the place is nice. we're lovin' the interior and how V describes it ─ heaven!

though we didn't get to know all the carrie's people because they were all busy and we had to go..
we're still blessed to meet Mr. Brad Villalon and Mr. Allan Acosta.

[Cal Carrie's Models' set cards]

yes! finally.. i saw a LULA mag. #simplepleasuresinlife


i'm a fan of Book Sale [like everyone else] but i haven't seen Lula in the store.
i get to see the articles and the covers online though.
shout out to Mau for letting me browse and drool over the pages. hihi.
but we surely enjoyed the visit.

brother and I headed back to greenbelt.
and on our way, I asked him to snap some photos of me ─ four of the uninteresting me.

going to Cal Carrie's.. meeting Mau and some of the carrie's people is such an amazing thing.
[thanks Vicky for telling us to go there.]
though we just talk and check their place.. it stills means a lot to us.
but another dope thing that happened on our Thursdate was the time when brother and I experienced the go-see feeling.
will share it on my next post though. but please... excuse my french.
hehe.. i'm so excited about that story.
can't keep it so i'll make a short intro..
we met a guy in Glorietta when brother and I were like talking to each other while walking. hehe.
then there goes a super skinny and tall guy that caught my eyes.
and I was like,, "kuya, did you see him? go. ask him for a test shoot."
and boom! see you on the 28th. [next day]
woah! that was quick but 'twas a deepest pleasure meeting him.

it's really nice working with great people.. those who understand what you're up to.
you get to learn new stuff and you have that energy and freedom that encourages you to share and do what you really want to do.
and that's how we worked with him.

it was like these written words on Celestina's window.


though i don't know what made me photographed this one ─ half face.
but the store shows how can one simple thing define what real creativity is.
they always amaze me with their window display and with the whole package of the store ─ Celestina.

read more of my stories when I get back on track.


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