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My umbrella, keeps the falling rain from drowning me.

It's been said to me,
that a smile should be your umbrella.
Well I suppose that it may be true,
but it goes much deeper than that.
Because a smile is just another coat you wear,
but the rain chills the bone.
So from now on I'll be wearing my smile,
Right next to my heart.

Because a broken heart can cause a lot of pain,
but a broken smile is a smile all the same.
And broken dreams can drive a man insane,
But a broken umbrella still holds out some rain.

thrifted gray sweater | leggings, gift | thrifted boots | DIY necklaces | DIY bow belt

Rain oh rain cloud. Pass away now.
Come back another day,
'cause my umbrella wants to play.


"The difference between style and fashion is quality."
Giorgio Armani

photos rommel miguel

'twas monday love! [late post, as usual]
FM day!
i think i'm gonna love wednesdays!


the secret garden

photography eunicenared and black tiered dress by senang | black tulle skirt and headpiece by eunicenashoes models' ownmodels aido lorraine and ava joy
shot on location paco park, manila
circa november 2009

this is just a part of my super-late-updated-photos which were taken last year.
i really do have lots of unfinished jobs. i always have to touch up each photo before it appears on my radar. editing makes me cry. tones tones tones.
so if you hire me for a photo shoot.. i tell you.. you would wish to kill me.

i still have two wedding albums waiting. augh! when will I get to finish them... i need money. *sigh*

on a lighter note.. here are my two pretty girlfriends... ava and aido.
We did this just for fun. Basically, we had to shoot aido for a contest that our friend had joined in. So after her solos, ava and aido posed for me. click!

the romantic

photography eunicena
red and black tiered dress by senang
shoes model's own
model ava joy
shot on location paco park, manila
circa november 2009

the scene

photography eunicena
tulle skirt | head piece | lace gloves by eunicena
shoes and top model's own
model aido lorraine
shot on location paco park, manila
circa november 2009


blazing glory

thrifted black blazer | reconstructed vintage white dress | thrifted fringe bag | thrifted boots | slave ring order now!

more slave rings, click here!

photographed by rommel miguel

dowd and I took outfit photos for my clothes story yesterday in front of this big door. And I really can't decide what kind of look should these photos end up with. I partly want them to look like the ones in chictopia and also want them to look like old pictures.

the reason why I'm afraid of making different styles in one photo is because of this dilemma.
..loving this.. and loving the other..augh!
anyhow..all i want is to make them look more vintage.

thought it would rain pretty hard yesterday.. so I was brave enough to stick on layering clothes.
obtw.. im loving this song.

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