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down at the station with the one i love

Down at the station I am struck
by a thought that carries
me along with it past downtown
exclamations along the order of “Look at me!” and “Here amI!”

For an hour I brood between “Huh?”
and “Hmmm,” where there's a longish
stop for fuel and water,
and I climbed off and walked around for a while.

Back on board, I started taking glances,
waiting for the train.

I heard a conductor coming through
I snapped to wakefulness,

and thanked God there's 'you'.
who never leaves me in times I feel I'm alone.

So I grabbed my bag, got off, and went home.

photos rommel miguel


'twas Sunday love.
got rained on.
successful meet-up at megamall.
mrt love.
siomai's the best.
my dowd's a hero!

1 notes :

Gela said...

i love your shoes!

also, the Taft station looks very photogenic in these pictures! at first, i thought you were in a different country. :p


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