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yo.. i want you to meet my friend,, pandabi. hihi.
Rommel and I saw this panda stuffed toy in a thrift shop
while thrifting with mom and tita.
i actually asked him to buy me this but he refused *insert sad face here*
[he thought i was just joking]
so I forced mom instead. haha. [kala mong bata]

was so attracted to him the moment i saw his black-and-white stuff.

oh ...i could stare and be with you forever.

so what we did last time...
we sat against the brick wall.
spent the day together.
and snapped few photos.

oh pandabi.. iheartyou.

plus.. here are some photos of my pandabi.


a flower, still has its roots...

photos from my Dangwa story.

to the maxi

awkward face is awkward. eeeek!

wearing the skirt again.. trying to look like i-dont-know-what.
am not sure if I've given the maxi a li'l justice here.
anyhoo.. thank you sun! i love you.


another brick in the wall

cross ring, DIY | forever 21 ring | LOVE ring here

haven't blogged and posted anything here on my radar ─ oh, i missed you.
hope you appreciate and believe what I say as I share my stories through my photo-heavy-and-text-light posts..
btw,, wore this referee-top a week before i was feeling blue.



i'm feeling blue

forgive me for the chipped nails and awful hands. eep!

that's what my kid cousins called me when they saw me wearing this black-and-white striped shirt. haha.
anyhoo,, i got this skirt from a thrift shop [as usual].
it's so bright and feeeel like i wanna wear something blue.


beauty equation + follow the model

here are some photos from the event Mau, Art and I attended last Thursday at Greenbelt 3.
Nigel Barker and Ms J Alexander are here in the Philippines to talk about their awesome books ─ Beauty Equation and Follow the Model.
The two shared their thoughts about how to be a better person inside out.
..how to deal with mistakes and still be confident enough to pursue dreams and how to live with passion..
plus other amazing stories and lessons that can encourage one's life.
you can check Nigel's beauty equation on twitter.


a girl from the audience was asked to pose for the camera in a way how Nigel wanted her to be photographed

Nigel B and Ms J being interviewed

augh. i want Ms J's legs. sexy!

models Jasmine Maierhofer and Ann Casas walked the ramp

Ms J asked for volunteers who want to try and do the top model walk.

catch Nigel Barker and Miss J at Alabang Town Center, 6pm tonight.

photographs by Art Alera

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