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a liter of light at the republiq

where was I last night?
dunno how to describe what I felt last night.
surrounded with great talents and awesome people...
met new friends from the up-and-coming designers, talk about SoFA..
learned and saw how the two of the best designers from FADAL worked had, hi mike and karl. you guys rock!
and also.. finally met and had time talking to Paul J. in person. he's soo nice. ....they were all nice.
the night.. the dopeness.
so what i pray today is that the photos in my CF won't take 4years until they're posted. yay!
congrats to all FADAL members.. thanks Karl for the invite.. and thank you so much for the lovely tee you made. iloveit!
oh before i forget.. did I mention anything about.. how dope the Isang litrong liwanag idea is.
you better see it yourself, peep their site here.

and to inspire you more, watch this:

other photos soon.



i'll take the next step with you

photographed by art alera post processed by me

art and I have done a few pre-nups together.
helping him with styling and...... holding his reflector and stuff. haha.
I also help him with concepts and ideas about the looks I want for the couple esp in certain frames..
though we ask them to do what they want.. and just be natural.
haaay. my mind is blank at the moment.. can't think of a title that will go with this one.
into-the-woods is sooo gasgas na.
and i just wanted to make this quick and get back to writing..
am writing a letter... to someone who really inspires me.

so there.... i'm out.
more photos soon.



sister act

wearing everything thrifted. [oopsie again!] | shoes, i alter-ed it | accessories, DIY and random

sunday at it's best!
sister act.

wet and dry market

photos taken 2009
Wet and Dry market
Cavite and Divisoria

just found the right time to post process everything about this palengke, 2009.
still have a bunch of late posts though.

wanted to share you how beautiful this place can be.

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