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"For every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of shoes to a child in need." one for one. I may have gotten on the TOMS b...

"For every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of shoes to a child in need."
one for one.

I may have gotten on the TOMS bandwagon a little too late but I just had to get them.
got a pair and I really enjoyed wearing them.
finally embracing one baby from my wishlist. [#simplepleasuresinlife] yay! shouts to tita. thank you.
I first saw the good boys when liz post this photo on her flickr a couple of years ago.
I was mad giddy to check the site and see why people love them.
since then, I've been ogling for TOMS,
dreaming to have a pair and call them my own.
but what gave me I-should-have-this-sooner thought is the story behind the story of what the good sole is about.

It was Blake Mycoskie who developed the shoes, now popularly known as TOMS.
He was in Argentina on vacation early 2006 when he noticed a lot of local farmers wearing the slip-ons called alpargatas.

Around the same time, he met some people doing volunteer work in the area,
and they told him about a shoe drive they were running for the local kids who couldn't afford shoes.
Blake went with them and heard stories he'll never forget.

As an entrepreneur, when you see something that seems broken,
your brain immediately goes to "How can we fix this?", Blake said,
"I didn't feel like a straight charity was the most sustainable way to do it,
because then I would have to ask my friends and family for money year after year.
and what happens when they get bored of my charity?"

What impressed me most about Blake,
he's an entrepreneur with a heart of gold, like the glitters on my toms. hihi.

The name TOMS comes from tomorrow
─ the idea is that you buy one today, they give one to a child tomorrow.

this sole isn't just about us getting real comfort upon wearing them,
but what's more great about this good sole is the way someone like Blake thought on how his profit margin can do good to those in need.
There are a lot of ways to help others, i know.
we may think hundreds and thousand ways but with the idea of being able to rock your look and enjoying your day by just wearing a nice, comfortable shoes like toms plus helping someone as you purchase one will never get you wrong in dreaming of having a pair.

P.S. hope this post would push Mr. Blake to give me four more pairs [W8] . yay! ha.ha.


two feet photos, source: i forgot who own them. edited by me
toms' story: teen vogue

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