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Live your life, do your work, then take your hat.

this post is just about the roll up door. haha. siike!
do you know what i feel every time I'd see our neighbor's green roll up?

and every time I'd try to stand in front of it?

it makes me wanna take off my hat..

move my feet..

raise my hands..

and dance..

.. dance!

rommel gave me this two-wooden thing three years ago which he got from i-dont-know-where..
i just love how he engraved our names on them.

and so for the love of wanting to wear them.. I turned them into pendants.

rings from random stores in my fave tambayan. *winks* *smiles*

upon seeing the faux diamond ring last week..
it made me want to buy it.
so after spending our sundate afternoon meeting a client,
Rommel and I went to forever21 and grabbed the ring.
forcing him to believe it's our engagement ring. haha.

before heading out to Makati yesterday.. I thought of using the roll up as background for my not-so-interesting-clothes-story.

I'm done with sunsun [a doll i dressed up] and set to deliver it in Makati.
then went to manila after..
did some shopping for the materials i needed.
got home before seven.
went straight to my baby brother [machine] and sew.


Rings are like halo on your finger.

if you want any of these rings.. plus other babies here and here...
hit me up. *smiles*


Do I have to use my feet? Can I knock the window out with my head?

i'm in love with rings like anybody else in the whole fashion arena.
especially if it's more of a vintage feel. anyway.. these rings are cheap and nice.
i won't carry them in the shop though. so if you want one. let me know. hit me up here.

photographed by rommel miguel
post-processed by me

i'm afraid i ain't good in writing. :| womp womp.
so if i lack awesomeness on each post.. sorry.
but what i try to put on my radar are good photos plus a bunch of realness and randomness.
hope you like that idea. :)
anyway.. i heard the best scripture today [sunday]. blessed!
plus another good news, our church is allowing members to bring their pets with them to worship. isn't it cool? Everyone's welcome in the house of God. dope!

BRICKS LOVE: hit the place in the afternoon. formed his name on the ground. mushy!
then off to Ortigas in a bit to meet a client.
augh. I really want to turn down the project and give up.
anyway.. rommel,, thanks for everything. thank you.


what's in a name?

wearing reconstructed pants | mango gray shirt | senang blazer | forever21 boots | rings, quiapo | bag, thrifted


i won't carry these rings in the shop.
so if you want one. let me know. hit me up here.

sundate with my boy. dowd. bestest ─ rommel.
while waiting for him. i played around with the durog roof-tile pieces scattered on the ground ─ voila! and his name was formed.


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