amazing lace. amazing day.

black fur jacket, thrifted | lace leggings, SM | black top, vnaltik | bag, vintage ring, firma | slave ring, E | boots, forever21 fa...

black fur jacket, thrifted | lace leggings, SM | black top, vnaltik | bag, vintage
ring, firma | slave ring, E | boots, forever21

fashion week wouldn't be this fun and exciting if it wasn't because of the nice people who've always inspired us..

i know i've told her this already. but lemme say it one more time..
thank you so much Sarah Meier for helping us..
you know how grateful and happy we are..

'twas saturday when brother and I decided to go to fashion week.
i know.. we just only got two days to make it happen.
i helped brother in terms of taking photographs.
[kuya forgive me for ripping these photos from you. heehee. and touched them up my way. just wanna share a bit on how we've been during two days dealing with cameras and photos]
I was in charge with the super zoom lens.. weighed like dumbbells.[augh! daig ko pa ang nag-gym sa bigat. haha.]
dowd knows how it was like.
we came too early before the first show started..
so we had nuff time to lurk around.. eat lunch.. window shop.. [ngwindow shop talaga?haha. may MOA e.] claim the IDs and observe how fashion people work behind the scene.
while waiting for someone at the hallway,, we saw Vicky Herrera passed by.
She was intensely gorgeous.. knowing she still had no makeup on.
we didn't expect that she would accommodate us.
she was sooo nice.. she even gave us candies :)
she's one of the dope dolls in dollhouse.
what I really appreciated and what made my saturday a blast was the time when we were like having a fashion101. haha.

If you're with vicky.. you would just love to sit.. watch her and listen to her.
'cause this girl has a bunch of good stories to share.
she always brings positive thoughts with her just like Sarah..
─ two beautiful women who make people feel that you've got something great about you that you should be proud of..
that you are not a nobody.. that you can be way better if you work with a humble heart.
one thing that really opened my eyes while having this conversation with her..
is the idea of working with your passion.. not just to gain fame and whatnot..
but to be who you are.. to be able to do what you really love.. to help those people stay true to what they believe is right.
it's much better to work behind the scene.
it's always a blessing if you can work for the welfare of others..
i mean.. yes.. people love your stuff and whatnot..
but being an instrument.. who received gifts/talents from God and using them to glorify Him ─ must be the whole point.

i love that she really looks up to people who work hard behind the scenes..

"Downtime thoughts: What you see on the runway is 10% of the show.
90% of the team is running around backstage. Teamwork makes the dream work."

that she knows who true idols are..

"Idols: people who work in fashion but aren't obsessed with it.
It's beautiful indeed but they know beauty is in the spirit."

we do miss dollhouse.. i sooo miss listening to radio every morning..
the SHAAAABBBAA word.. their music.. everything.
thank you vicky for allowing us invade your time though you were too busy as the PFW host.
thank you.. I surely did learn lots of great stuff from you..

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