here's what i've promised... from the BTS i've posted here. let me share you the photos from the pump-up-the-volume shoot we ...

here's what i've promised...
from the BTS i've posted here.
let me share you the photos from the pump-up-the-volume shoot we had last time.

mad props to art.. i love the way you treated the photos and the layout is dope.
you really are an amazing person."stay creative and make it happen."
hazel.. thanks for everything.. i know we always have fun doing shoots together.. kasi we can spend the whole time working + kwentuhan.. making our work light and easy.
i love those eyes and the lips looked luscious. haha. thanks for making our models look more beautiful.
to the two guys who really worked hard with us.. rommel and rowel. thank you so much. you two are the dopest people we should be with.

more photos of this coming soon...

and to make a brief story:
I consider this as my first major styling project.
crystals and chains in my hands.. white fabrics flowing around me..
laces I could ultimately live with. corset that made my prom so wonderful.
and everything that you see on her..
... were all made by me.

I know this might be just a simple work compared with the pros'.
and that there are lots of great works out there.
but working with the people whom I consider friends and people who never fail to be there to support each other.. makes me believe that there's something big about that I really should be thankful for.

one of them is how we've worked with Aimee. She's a friend introduced by millie, a common friend too. The first time I saw her.. i was astonished because she's so skinny and tall ─ the ultimate things I always look for in a girl since I do wanna dress up people.
we already did few shoots with her for years. and this is one of those best moments I could say that she really wow-ed us!
with happiness in my heart.. let me take you to the world where Aimee lives and who she really is..
so without further ado.. allow me to tell you that..

AIMEE YU is....

PHOTOGRAPHY arturo alera II
ART DIRECTION arturo alera II | eunicena
STYLING eunicena
MAKE UP AND HAIR hazel icasiano
MODEL aimee yu
ASSISTANTS rommel miguel | rowel malayao
SHOT ON LOCATION nayong pilipino

What was your initial reaction when we asked you do the shoot?
I got excited! Excited knowing I’ll be seeing and working with you guys after a year, wondering what surprises were in store for me, and I got even more excited when you and Art were orienting me on how the shoot will go, because I know it’s going to be beautiful.

When and how did you start modeling?
I started modeling when I was in 1st year college. It was just something I did for fun because people were telling me to try going into it, so I jumped in. I don’t exactly remember how but I did recall starting doing runway for different events and from then on I received invites from people. It was just for fun that became a hobby, and then turned into passion, and next thing I know it was already like a profession.

What was the 1st shoot you did? How was it?
The 1st shoot I did was for this Indian designer and I recall our photographer was German. It was fun because we were shot in groups and I met different people .It was one of the better days as I felt like it was a start of a something different, something new.

What is your typical kind of day?
As normal as can be, a regular office job. That’s why I like modeling so much, it makes me feel like Clark Kent working as an average reporter. But when its time I can be who I am I can live the life of my version of Superman.

Been with you in photo shoots for 3 yrs now, what can you consider as the best moment you’ve spent with us during shoots?
Best moment during an entire shoot is hard to tell because all of it was fun, I try to relish the moment modeling has provided me, an escape from the mundane and mediocre and an opportunity to grow and improve myself on the craft that I have chosen for myself.

What is the color of love?
Usually they say its red… but I say it’s red with sparkles!

What is your fave piece in the shoot?
I love the necklace it was unique and had its own personality. It’s very unique like an extension of the maker.

What do you love wearing?
I’m a jeans and shirt kinda girl, simple, reliable but classic.

Who’s you favorite style icon?
I have no one in particular, my style differs on my mood and on the occasion. Although I do like how Kimora Lee Simmons, Olsen Twins and Cecilia Cassini do it.

Something about yourself that people don’t know?
Most people don’t know this but I’m a closet adrenaline junkie. The funny thing about it is the thought of having done something extreme excites me but the actual thought of DOING something extreme frightens me. =>

“Trying to look good limits my life”.
Trying to look good is not bad but trying to look at the expense of you is extremely sad. It’s like painting for the sake of being applauded instead of conveying the beauty in your mind and in what you see. It’s the difference between a pop song sung by a Korean boy band and the 9th symphony.

more of her on my next posts..

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