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That when the sea was calm all boats alike showed mastership in floating

'twas Sunday love!
After church service.. I went to bay side [near Bulwagan ng Panginoon, CCP].
And when I saw these boats.. I remember alix's blog about her travel in St. Tropez.
So I grabbed the camera and started taking pictures of these beauties.

chain love!

rope love! bujuol! haha!

i missed the game ─ the boat is sinking..
haaay. *sigh*

and there I saw buildings..

while walking along the pathway and decided to leave the place.. I saw some men fishing.
I have no idea.. that fishing is still a man's favorite past time.
cool dudes!
[will take pictures of them on Sunday.
wasn't able to do it because I've had already put the camera in my backpack. ohsadness!]

Manila Bay


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