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WORLDBEX 2010’s theme is Constructing the Future Green Communities through Efficient Technologies and Materials. This annual expo is a rel...

WORLDBEX 2010’s theme is Constructing the Future Green Communities through Efficient Technologies and Materials.
This annual expo is a relevant source of information and technology that helps to emphasize on sustainable architecture. It has always been filled with various displays of local and international products and services in the construction industry.
It showcases the latest and best materials and technology to aid architects, engineers and contractors in making better structures.

We were amazed with this new discovery dowd and I saw, maybe some of you know what this 3D printing is, but we were just lucky enough to see how this 3D printing is done. No need to use styro. boards and whatnot in making scale models. just a couple of hours and knowledge to operate a 2.5 million worth of 3D printer can make your design into these.
how cool is that!! but the price? [lemme scream for you.] A miniature or this scale model costs forty thousand pesos. ye.

The expo also showcased a variety of interior design from living stylishly and efficiently in small spaces to proper urban planning that will avert possible disasters.

i love these brocade patterns. when you look at it closely, 'twas made of newspapers and a cut-out or a stencil of black paper patterned into a brocade.

and the transparent chairs.. i saw them once in Buji Interior Design Store last time..
i love them.

the gears inside this glass covered table were actually moving.

augh! am not really into greens for interiors. but candlestick, pearls, white ceramics and velvet.. caught my eyes.

we were not able to take other photos in some of the booths because of how excited we were to get all the flyers [dagdag basura na naman.haha] and candies [ito lang talaga pinunta ko dito e.lol] on the tables.

and as part of our worldbex-picture-in-front-of-every-mirror-we-see.. here are our 2010 version of it.

i love this more.
we are blurry in love here.

dowd.. looking for his lost ticket. augh! [wala tuloy tayong freebie. hehe. biro lang.]

and to talk about wall design.. here is the new way of making your wall a unique one.
toilet bowl miniature pasted on your wall. lol. but it looks cute though. and i want one.
i'll make this a souvenir on my wedding. haha. siiiike!

can't remember if BISAZZA made this.
but BISAZZA is one of the best mosaic suppliers i know.

augh! this is beautiful!

and to end our wednesdate wandering around WTC.
we did another set of this mirror mirror thingy.
[like what everybody does. its cute kaya. hehe. lalo na kung blurred.kasi hindi kami makita e.haha.]

photos by rommel miguel

wednesdate with dowd.


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