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'Great design need not cost more, it's about better choices.' - Nique

the fact that they have a unique clothing style, what made me interested is how innovative the design of the store is and how focused they were in working with the details  exposed steel beams, original floorboards, walls in raw shell. 

this was the second Nique store i've been to when i was in Sydney. i love how simple and clean the clothes are. 

309 King Street, Newtown
Sydney, Australia

prints charming

obviously, they love prints! .... and so do I. it was August this year when i got to travel to Sydney. the trip was amazing and i couldn't just forget every thing i learned and discovered down under. one of 'em is this unique store in Newtown ─  Blue Dog, where you can find "the best range of cool posters."

from cards to magnets, framed photos, timbergram, and a bunch of vintage prints. this place is soooo p-interesting! :)

so if you're into this cool stuff, you better see for yourself how incredible and inspiring this place is. 

311 King St, Newtown

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