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this is living

Not all of us have that love for industrial spaces but I can say that this kind of interior is really beautiful. Homes don't just vary in style but also in the materials used for it. Furniture, lights and color create a great impact in decorating houses. Take a look at this lovely interior we designed in Makati.

Design story soon on www.aleralokale.tumblr.com


match contract

I love how industrial the interior design trend is right now. Most furniture and lighting utilize aged iron and metals accented by weathered woods and worn textures. Amazing how it blends the urban edge of utilitarian design with up-cycled aesthetic and into more conventional forms. (dezeen and random internet thoughts hehe)

Looking for furniture and lighting? Match Contract has a wide array of items available in their shop at ID 2100 Pasong Tamo Ext. Makati.


let there be light

"Let there be light; And there was light."

Dining area light fixture

Above the kitchen counter hang a series of edison bulbs suspended by wire.

sorting out fabric at Townes for customized couch.

Another series of wooden light frame dangles above the coffee table in the living area, attached through a pipe tube.

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