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life's a picnic

what about wednesday?


the bridge operator

my morning routine and daily ride. phew!
every time i'd see the train coming, it reminds me of a father who gave up the most important person in his life.

There once a man who worked in a small town as the operator of a drawbridge on a river.
A train track ran across the bridge, and the operator's job was to keep the bridge up
when no train was coming so that the boats could pass underneath.
When a train approached, he was to blow the whistle and let down the bridge.

One sunny Saturday morning, the man brought his seven year-old son along to work with him.
The boy could frolic along the river, skip rocks on the water, chase butterflies, or even try to catch a fish.
Shortly before noon, a passenger train was due to come through the area.

The man began to make preparations to let the bridge down so the train could pass safely across the river.
As he examined the bridge, he noticed that someone ─ a small child ─ had somehow climbed over
the guardrail next to the bridge, and was playing at the very spot where the bridge would come down.
As he looked closer, he realized with horror that the child was his son.
In desperation, he yelled out his son's name, but the sound of the approaching train drowned out his screams.

He knew he had to make a quick decision. If he lowered the bridge now his son would die.
But if he didn't, all the people on the train would die as the train plunged into the river.
He barely had time to think.
As he screamed in agony, the man thrust forward the lever to lower the bridge just as the train arrived.
His son died instantly.

And as the rain passed by, the people just smiled and waved as they passed by the man in the control booth,
with his head bowed low, obviously to what has just taken place.

Isn't this what God did for us?

we've all heard this.. the story. we knew it.. John three sixteen.
but do we realize how deep and serious this verse is.
there are lots of things that drown us.
forgetting how important and how big our responsibility is when it comes to giving God the glory.
in all honesty.. i feel so bad sometimes about how things work.
i ain't tough. i'm weak.
i cry. and even fall down.
begging for hands to pick me up.
but never will I give up.
for there is a God who loves me.

i'm hitting my radar back, because i have hope that somehow... one day..
we'll be in the same page. wanting.. praying and longing to serve Christ.
remembering how awesome He is. He could die just for us to be saved.
let's help each other to keep the faith. and not to fall out.

i call to you... 'cause You believe in me.
i come to you.. 'cause You never leave me.
Lord.. thank you for giving us the opportunity to remember that you gave your Son to show us how you love us.
we ain't perfect but you give us time to change our lives the way that's pleasing to you.
see you soon, Lord.



bet you know what are these photos for.
i'm up for something that would be needing your help.
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