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DAY ONE: ginger snap!

so is this the start of my PFW stories?
i know, been MIA for like.. weeks?
and haven't told you about the PFW stuff.
prolly will share you the amazing thing about this on my next post. stay tuned!

this is what my PFW DAY ONE [Sunday] looked like:

brother got a new baby.. the camera he's been ogling since it came out.
though we still can't afford a MARK one, glad to have this baby on his side.
omm.. and happy me, he gave me the free bag. #simplepleasuresinlife

so if you saw me with this bag hanging on my shoulder..
and now wanting to know why i chose to use this rather than the other cool totes or whatnot.
omm.. simply because this is not a camera bag.. 'tis a lunch box! haha. just kidding.
we were walking and going around.. anywhere.. so better if we packed some goodies and snacks.
and this bag had it all.... lens. batteries. CF cards... and foooooods! eeek! haha.

i saw men constructing the booths on the second floor..
the Vaio setup and the other one beside Dusit.
they reminded me of the people during my OJT.
i interned at CCP and did a lot of production setups.
love the acrylic thing they used here...
look oh, i even got a chance to take photo of myself [without head. eep!]

"I love it when fashion reminds me of things that have nothing to do with fashion."

like this basket full of gingers! ginger, snap!
i think this was for the Dusit setup.

was supposed to post this entry on my radar but i had no time to blog for the past week.
we got home like two a.m. every day and the only thing we could do was to sleep and rest.
but it was real fun meeting new people and getting to work with them.
What I love about Fashion Week.. is not just about watching cool and beautiful clothes the designers are showcasing..
it's more of the relationship you are building with other people.
people you work with.. people you meet.. and people who just simply smile at you.
It was a week full of memories.. wonderful stories that photos can't even tell.

But of course as part of the job,
we need to bring you the best of what we had during the week of showcasing
the works of Filipino designers in Philippine Fashion.
Though there are no runway reports and designer spotlight on my radar this season..
bet you have to peep here and see what we had for the past week.
I believe, our team had captured stories, through photos,
which might tell you a bit about everything that happened backstage and off [TV] camera.
So while we're cooking something up..
let me show you what we had during those days of PFW.
peep here for BTS Day One.

shouts to Sarah Meier and Vicky Herrera.
you guys are the dopeness!

watch PFW TV every Thursday, 11:30 pm on Studio 23.
Like Philippine Fashion Week TV on facebook.

DAY ONE. it's a wrap!

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Anonymous said...

what do you use for a camera ?
your pictures are amazing ;)

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