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co[LAB] Manila

i know how hard it is to collect info from anyone or say from the internet
if you don't know yet or haven't been to a place which you want to talk about.
It took me hours to make this post..
'cause i need to know and get all the facts and stories about this awesome place.
I first heard co[LAB] Manila from Sarah Meier and Vicky Herrera and from all the #manilaminds I'm following on twitter.
I know when they talk about a place of something dope.. they are always up for something great.
Just like when i've heard the cool space of Cubao X.. The Collective.. and Ronac Art Center from their radio show before.
And i was right.... co[Lab] Manila is more than just a place.
It's more than a structure.
It's more about building your own identity in a place where you can co-work with everyone.

This time.. it will all be about how to co-work and co[LAB].

It was two weeks before Fashion Week when we first got here.
Art and I were so amazed upon entering.

We had a meeting that day.. and we couldn't tell how happy
we were with everything we've heard and talked
with the two amazing people who always inspire us. [Thank you]

It was also a great privilege to go around the place and see what makes this..... AWESOME!

jelly profile sheets

"Are you ready for this jelly?"

choochoo chu-chu
(the cute co[LAB] dog. hope i spelled the name right)

i guess they had just finished the meeting of the minds when we went there.

'cause I caught these still written on the board...

....which is DOPE!
[click on the photo to know how to #HelpDot]

and a lot more from co[LAB] space

"co[LAB] serves as a hub to collaborate community that share the same values of
entrepreneurship, creativity, and integrity.
This shared workspace is ideal for freelance professionals, home office workers,
start up businesses, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and graduate students."

more about this... prolly on my next post. stay tuned!

feel free to check updates to know more about them and whats to happen at co[LAB]..
Like them on facebook.
Follow them on twitter.
Read their blog.


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sky@laestetica said...

this looks like an interesting and REALLY cool workplace!

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