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"Imagine having 40 of Manila's prime movers and shakers ─ all wanting to create change in the country ─ sitting in one room."

guess you've already heard and read what's this #Manilaminds hashtags, tweets, links
that are endlessly spreading and hitting twitter since the existence of co[LAB] Manila.
but if you haven't yet, maybe you should start following the right people.

i liked this post by Sarah Meier because of the nice interior and stuff.
what i didn't know much about it.. this place isn't just about how bright and amazing the structure is.

this workspace.. is a place where people behind #Manilaminds gather to work for wonderful collaborations.
I love reading their thoughts about everything on how they create ideas to help people and the country.
How they wanna change and put better solutions on different aspects mainly involving the
media. tourism. government. arts. business.
and to help you with different amazing stories about how this people co[LAB], peep these:

Productivity, Inc.
co[LAB] where #ManilaMinds meet
Meeting of the Minds + Video
Manila Minds
Because really, all we got is each other

and as i've told you, if you haven't heard or still have no idea about how they co[LAB]
for a better Philippines and how these #Manilaminds give their everything
to show that we can do anything for the better of our people and this country,
I strongly suggest that you follow these #Manilaminds.

@Team Manila

just few from the list of dope people from #Manilaminds I know who have big hearts in helping others.
please read the rest of the stories.. news and updates on twitter: #Manilaminds
better to follow/read their tweets than those of non-sense chikas.

to know more about what's happening at co[LAB], where they meet...
allow me to share these photos I grabbed from their blog.

husband-and-wife team Banj Albano and Sarah Meier-Albano of Project Heal Manila

Filipino-American writer and activist Ruby Veridiano

Banj Albano

It's Jelly Time

jelly profile sheets of Arriane Serafico and Sarah Meier

jelly profile sheets of Tammy David and Lottie Ragos

jelly profile sheets of the guys of Artisan Clothing: Christian/CSJ and Ej Reyes

Help "connect the dots!"
keep posted about meetings and creative ideas to happen...
bookmark #Manilaminds now.

"Because really, all we got is each other."

video: Sarah Meier
photos: co [LAB] manila


1 notes :

Arriane said...

"Because really, all we got is each other."

Thanks for putting all these links together in one place :) Your support makes #ManilaMinds so much stronger!

- Arriane

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