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when you reach the top.. keep climbing.

and when you reach the top...

keep climbing.

..you want to fall in love with a shoe.. go ahead.

i'm not at the peak of my dreams yet.
not even a half of it.
i know there are lots of things I need to know ─ things i need to go through to get at the end of everything.
i'm still learning.



To be happy, it first takes being comfortable being in your own shoes.

wondering what's inside the green shield?
here.. peep in.


"awkward face is awkward.
But then, who manages to look decent on jump shots?"


.thursdate with my dowd.
.nay and tay's anniversary.
.college friends meet-up.



girl on a thrift hunt?

thrifting, the other day, wasn't really on my to-do-list. 'twas unintentional..
my heart beat fast and was screaming ─ GOLD MINE! GOLD MINE! as i saw this shop.
I think I'd love the thrill of digging vintage pieces buried underneath and finding that one gem of a bargain that day..
[well in fact, this sums up my style ─ the less I pay for something, the more it is worth to me]
so i took a step and went in.

though i've been to japan surplus many times.. i always go home empty-handed.
let's see if there'd be a dollarcatch this time.

the store has these cute bits and pieces which i don't know how they are called.

second hand guitars.

billiard balls.

refrigerator. IHT.

vintage eyeglasses.

and some lens cases.

alkansya. heya dowd.


stuffed toys.

shoes. [pang-cosplay ang drama nito]

and more shoes.


tin cans.

thermos. containers.

vinyl records.

yo vinyls.


[haha. pisat muka ko. taba e. haha.]

me loving the red helmet.

"go power ranger!"

and look.. these are the items I scored... pieces I got at a steal. yay!

|vintage purses|

|a pair of uggs |

|brown purse|

|black shoes|

funnily enough.. thrifted items are pieces I always end up loving and using a lot of times.


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