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cropped situation

vintage khaki trousers | white top | H&M belt | thrifted lace-up boots | long cuff | f21 connector ring | thrifted black sweater

just realized.... it's already one. yay!
twentyninth plus a few more days equals.. hello november!
hmmm.. since i'm not engage to any halloween activity [though I wish I am. party?]..
and if in case you wanna know who I wanted to be..
..I would always dream to be one of them.


i kissed donald and took a bow

making this blog a photodiary aka album.

filling my mood with good vibes before the work.
augh! deadlines + christmas = mad shopping plans + store projects

Dopest Host of PFW2010

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010
The Host
Sarah Meier

october.twenty sixth to thirty first twenty ten. six days. philippine fashion week.

i know i have the right to post these photos on my radar..
the shots belong to my brother, arturo alera. who happens to encounter site problems.
his online folio is still temporarily unavailable.
can't wait to see how fun and exciting this week could be.

shouts to sarah meier.
you always rock fashion arenas.
arturo took these photos without sarah knowing she was being photographed. :]

peek on the previous runway report.


one sunday morning

It's not enough to attend church and pray every Sunday..

.... we have to act.

hello sunday!



weewilldoodle, isdatchu?
no.. it's ke-ka-ke-ka-kebab x!

drawings by apol sta. maria.

basically this was planned weeks ago...
and since dowd's office is just a few blocks away..
i decided to roam around and invade greenhills.
though it didn't end that pretty well -- i forgot to yoggle. :|

next stop was cubao x.
it just so happened that i need to inquire how much a pair of customized shoes would cost.
'twas four in the afternoon when i tried to eat and have lunch.. which was meryenda time na. haha.
i felt so giddy when i saw the illustrations on gray walls so i grabbed a seat and dined in.
it wasn't really about the food and that i was hungry.. i found the nook so cool and cute.
though they serve real good food. and will definitely go back there -- kebab x!
will try the keema.. pumpkin soup.. potato curry.. and oh.. hummus really looks particularly delish..

twenty minutes before dowd's out when i finally decided to leave X and flew to megamall.
told to meet him there cause I need to get this one particular item we've been eyeing since last week.
too bad,, twas SOLD OUT!
anyway.. 'tis always fun when dowd's around.... booyah! :D

it runs in my blood.
it feels like magic.
it's where i want to be...

my day wouldn't be complete without owning some thrift finds ─ the super super low-priced items.
went shopping in almost three ukay-ukays yesterday and got these knitted cover ups, each for 35 bucks.. pants.. cute colorful top.. and more knits..
if i can't get any particular item i like from those branded ones.. i'm always sure that i can get what i want when i go ukay-ing.
that's the spirit.. and that's tipid. haha.

points i just realized:
kebab x = INTERIOR
flea market = FASHION

... three major inspirations in my life.

RONAC Art Center is located along Ortigas Avenue (right before the Petron by the corner of Ortigas and Santolan).

Kebab x is located at Unit 15A, Cubao Expo.

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