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thank you today

final stop: THANK YOU TODAY
formerly the ILOVEYOUSTORE

what i love about this shop is the spirit of uniqueness and definitely a very positive vibe of possibilities. They are into something you wouldn't imagine people would buy. Things that can make you feel different in way you'd really love ─ so avante garde.

and because my love affair for vintage and thrifted finds never ends..
to draw much attention to the items really made me go gaga.
I just love everything... and this place is perfect!

the reason why I so love the vintage luggage bags we have at aleralokale.

another wall love!

those white vests and tops are AMAZING!
made out of katsa or canvas cloth.

one more thing that caught my attention:


"It was probably because after we wanted everybody to say I LOVE YOU more often.
Now, we'd like everybody to say THANK YOU for your patronage TODAY."

seen on a flyer, Darryl ReciƱa

gave me the night we dropped by to the store.

and that was the only time I knew about the new brand name. *lost* heehee.

photographed by arturo alera

all photos in my radar are all post-processed and been touched up by me..
shout out to arturo alera and rommel miguel for helping me capture good stories like this.

love of beauty is taste. the creation of beauty is art.

Cubao X

Manila Collective is a venue that aims to showcase relevant narrative works of photographers through exhibits, events and whatnot.

It also serves coffee...

and homemade treats.. kalamansi muffins and the likes.

Shout outs to IAN MIRANDA.

Manila Collective is founded by Jake Verzosa and Karina Estacio in partnership with Dante Pamintuan as an outlet for their love for photography, food and coffee.

say hello to our super photo ops . haha.

next stop: JUNKIE SHOP

bean bag love!
wall love!
chalk love!

next stop: MBS [my breathing space]

randooom stuff.

photographed by arturo alera

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