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not a strange roof

oops. i massacred the dress.

cork necklace, DIY.

bubong. tangke. tsinelas. kalawang.

go up on the roof and get stuck.

go up on the roof and get stuck

the roof.
for a change.
we had a simple photo shoot with warren last saturday on top of the roof..
thank God it didn't rain.
brother thought of something about sky.
though I did a li'l help on this..
still had fun walking again here.. feeling the heat.. reaching the sky.

Always keep your mind as bright and clear as the vast sky, the great ocean,
and the highest peak, empty of all thoughts.
Always keep your body filled with light and heat.
Fill yourself with the power of wisdom and enlightenment.

Morihei Ueshiba

i really missed going here.
i missed my cousins.
shouts out to eizel. bojo. pauline. allan. ruth.
oh i miss you people. i miss you, love.
christmas party!

BTSS by arturo alera
august 28

shouts out to kuya gabby, for holding the payong
and joshua for being the kid assistant and for fixing our wi-max radar. hee.

if the shoe fits, wear it.

finally.. found you.

floral dress, thrifted | clogs & connector ring, forever21 | owl rings, bargain



dot's it

just to complete the photos from my previous post..
here are some black-and-white version of my sunday afternoon story.

dowd and I were heading to deovir last sunday to buy the drawing materials I needed.
so after paying a visit to his older brother who was at the hospital..
we decided to walk from madocs to sm manila.
passing through luneta.. I saw the doors of DOT building.
so I grabbed him.. and forced him to take photos there. haha.
apparently.. we have our pictures together too.

photographed by rommel miguel
august 22

from now on, i'll connect the dots my own way

late post!

forever21 gold with stones connector ring | E ring bracelet [above]
DIY wing silver ring | bargain silver and black rings [below]

ang ugat! bow!

photographed by rommel miguel
august 22

DOT day! yay!


I will reveal the secrets behind these doors

late post!

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.
Joseph Campbell

photographed by rommel miguel
august 08

to add another story from my previous sunday afternoon.
dowd and I wandered around to a place where we always use to hang out..
took pictures and got rained on..

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