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embrace your heritage.

Last Sunday, we went to witness my friend's wedding in Kawit, Cavite.
After the wedlock, I asked lola, aunt and mom to pay a visit to the historical house of Emilio Aguinaldo since we were just a few walks away.

Let's go and see what makes this place a remarkable one.

The Aguinaldo shrine is the site of the proclamation of Philippine Independence.

The historical marker.. installed by the grateful Filipino people in observance of the centennial of the Proclamation of Philippine Independence.

the orange trees which mom calls, 'kabalyero'.

the door. I just love the vintage feel.

more flags at the back of the house

Inside the souvenir shop is this Aguinaldo shrine's scale model donated by Red Ribbon.
At first, tita and I thought it was a cake because of RR's name on it. haha.

This piano measures like two point five meter-wide.
Apparently, the area is proscribed for visitors to get in.
But since manong is nice to me, he let me in and even welcomed me with a photo.
thanks manong! heehee

medicines and ointments he used during the time he was ill.
They even got to store the piece of gauze that was left in his body.

Is there anyone of you who could still remember this Aguila rubbing alcohol?

These are the rooms of his daughters.

sort of a gallery where the rest of his items are stored.
augh! i love the boots!

augh! cufflinks!

First flag of the Katipunan. tama?

just a miniature of people.. fighting? and killing? giyera ito!

manong, the tour guide, told us that this was Emilio's swimming pool.
The entrance is on his room which we were not able to go to.

so there... we had an incredible time here in Aguinaldo's crib. I'm not really the history-much-girl.. I just wanna see how beautiful this place is.

here are some other photos i took inside the shrine.

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