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denim doesn't always have to be dark blue.

today is another dopeness!
though the feeling is still stretched [i mean the screen. whack!]
as you know,, i always go to Topshop but never purchase anything..except for their super sale items. like a 99-peso worth of item. haha. eek! One time, i hit the store to look for inspirations..
I saw lots of pieces denim-ized. [haha. term there is?]
And what really caught my attention is this playsuit.
woha! but my budget didn't allow me. *inserts sad face here*
So what i did was to go to FM and look for anything that would make my day.
After our meeting with S last Thursday, brother and I took some time to check one of our favorite FM's.And to my surprise, I got this denim for seventy bucks.
Thank goodness, this place is totally a shopper's haven.
[please bear with the tummy. haha. i didn't notice the detail while shooting.]

thank you Ms. Lou for having this ring in her shop ─ armoured one.

i saw these cute flags on top of our refrigerator..
mom's using these for my brother's sandwiches every morning.

woha! "I love Philippines."

and to those who have read my previous blogs..
y'know how i love to tweet and talk about this pair of toms everyday..
and won't stop til i get them on my feet.
dude.. hurry! buy me one.

denim playsuit. thrifted.
necklace. eunicena jewelry.



will never be tired waiting

white sheets and black.


she's more than a pretty face. she's beautiful inside out.

yesterday.. brother and I went out to meet someone very special.
someone who's soo busy and yet gave time to know what is our vision.
I don't know how to express it or how to write here [sorry. please don't trust my writing skill.] how happy I was that day.
Though I didn't really talk that much in front of her.. i mean, thank God my brother is sooo madaldal.. he explained everything so well and was amazed that she listened.

... just wanna share a bit 'bout this wonderful day we had with her.

I won't forget the day I first entered Trilogy boutique.
My brother always tells stories about this place.
How great the space looks like.. the interior.. the canteen.. the people.
And I just thank him for bringing me here.

One thing I couldn't forget about trilogy.. 'tis the place where we met such wonderful person we couldn't imagine talking to right now.. who would spend time listening to our passions. She's more than a pretty face. She's beautiful inside out.

haaay.. i wanna tell more about her but i really need to wait for that day to come.
I'm so excited... i know i have lots of things to learn from her.
And if I get a chance to hang out with her again, I just don't wanna talk about fashion because I know she gets a lot of fashion interviews & whatnot most of the time. I know it couldn't be that so easy not to ask her about it though, i know it's her thing & she knows it very well.
or maybe I could ask her more about music.. what's the best track to listen to when you're down.. when you just wanna be happy.. when you know that someone appreciates you.. or just a song that will uplift one's mood.

photographed by artalera

p.s. thank you so much. thank you!
we heart you.


tie it. wear it.

finally! new brown lace up booties in my closet.

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