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exhibit number one

Stylist and photographer, Jujiin, in his first exhibit on January 29 at Trilogy Boutique.

okey. i didn't pose a smile for the camera.. but my heart was jumping.. and smiling inside as she stood beside me.
waaah. i'm so happy.. sarah's with me. wipaw! dream come true. hihi. oh so gorgeous sarah! ♥


photographed by art alera II

yay! can't get over.. i had a photo with sarah meier. *blushes* gassd!
i love her attitude as a model and simply as a person.
when she's off cam.. just on her own. she would dress something like you'd never think she'd wear. she's sweet when she talks.
she's real.. she's so unique.. soo sarah meier.
ok. did i say im a fan?haha. owyes. i am.
so happy.




Christians are windows through which Jesus shines.
so for us to make the most of today,, let's keep eternity in mind. God bless y'all.


barrio fiesta, baguio

January 2009

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