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just another day at work

glad it didn't rain this morning.
just another day at work with the team. art and I experimented a new look for a photo shoot.
basically what we did earlier was to make another story about fashion and how it could relate to faith.

What we want to present here is the idea of pleasing God with what you have.. and with what you do. Regardless of who you are.

will be talking about the shoot and the idea later.
'cause right now, still working on our digital catalogue for the shoot we did last week.
meanwhile check out the photos here.

and yes, officially announcing the new line of accessory i'm working with.

BUJUOL (bu-hol) - means knot
- a compact intersection of interlaced material, such as cord, ribbon, orrope. - a fastening made by tying together lengths of material, such as rope, ina prescribed way. - a decorative bow of ribbon, fabric, or braid. - anything significant to the Philippine / Asian culture

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