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Two dudes, [call myself a dude? haha] one look. Who wears it better.
[i must admit. i love the pants.]

my check mate: brother.

[dude will gonna get mad at me, he doesn't want his pictures posted anywhere. haha. sorry. but this one shouldn't be kept private. haha]

wearing same top | DIY shorts on me | thrifted pants on him | vintage bag

like I said on my last post.. I saw something in Sundae that looked familiar in my closet, and it's none other than this checkered top which I've also been spotting at Topshop a few months ago and the one which adeline loves wearing.. and was lucky to get it from a flea market. yes, thrifted!

brother and I always make sure that we have time thrifting together.
we check every flea market we know and try to buy anything we find beautiful.
and so when I saw this long-sleeved polo hanging on the rack, I grabbed it and made him want to buy it. He was like, "where would I gonna wear that? I've always been spotting cubao people wearing that." and just said, "so?" and then he paid it. 65 wasn't bad at all.

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